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Children's Form of Manifest Anxiety Scale (CMAS)

The Children's Form of Manifest Anxiety Scale (CMAS)

In 1956, psychologists A. Castaneda, B. R. McCandless, D. S. Palermo developed an anxiety scale for 7 to 12 old children, which evaluates anxiety as a stable psychological reaction. Anxiety could lead to manifestations such as tension and nervousness, feelings of helplessness, insecurity and loneliness.

Anxiety also affects an individual physically: it provokes an increased heartbeat and fast breathing, an increase in blood pressure and general excitability of the child.

Child Anxiety Test

Psychologists believe that anxiety at a normal level contributes to adapting to a situation, an adequate response to a stimulus. But with extremely high indicators, a child may have problems when solving even ordinary tasks and interacting with the outside world.

Provide your child with the opportunity to take the test, create conditions under which they can honestly answer the questions.

Note this test is intended solely for informational and educational purposes; its results cannot replace the real help of a specialist and should not be used for making any decision.


The sentences below describe events, incidents, experiences. Read each sentence carefully and decide whether you can relate it to yourself, whether it correctly describes you, your behavior, qualities. If yes, choose "TRUE", if not - "FALSE"

Choose your sex and age

1. It’s hard for you to think about one thing at a time.
2. It’s unpleasant for you if someone is watching you when you do something.
3. You really want to be the best in everything.
4. You blush easily.
5. You like everyone you know.
6. Often, you have feelings of having a pounding heart.
7. You always feel very embarrassed.
8. Sometimes you want to be as far away from here as possible.
9. It seems to you that others are doing better than you.
10. When playing, you love winning more than losing.
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