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Psychological Compatibility with a Spouse

Aspects of psychological compatibility

Do you constantly quarrel with your partner? Take the test and find out how compatible you are. Regardless of our physical resemblance and similarity of physiological processes, however, everyone has their own features. Each person has their own temperament and character, metabolism and its speed, relaxation methods, and the frequency of physiological resources restoration.

Perfectionism is described in detail in the works of such psychologists as Hewitt, P. L, & Flett, G. L. They define this feature as the necessity to be perfect in everything.

Find out your compatibility level!

Suppose the spouses have the same temperament, similar habits, and routines. In that case, the chances of being mutually irritated for them go down significantly. Otherwise, the couple will have to do their utmost to calmly react to each other's different behaviors.

Thus, a couple's energetical and psychological compatibility depends on how much each partner accepts their significant other's personal qualities.

By answering the test questions, you will find out how compatible you and your partner are in everyday life, and which component you need to improve for the couple's energetical and psychological balance.


You will be offered 30 simple statements concerning your personal characteristics and traits. There is no wrong or right anwers, just decide honestly whether you agree or disagree with each item.

Note that this test is provided for educational purposes only, and its questions and results can in no way be interpreted as a specialist or doctor’s advice.

1. Sometimes my partner annoys me (makes me angry) by trying to impose a housekeeping style or approach to family responsibilities.
2. A child strengthens (could have strengthened) our marriage.
3. Mainly, our ideas about spending free time coincide.
4. With age, a character of one of us (or both) decays.
5. My spouse and I have a very similar thinking style: usually, we have the same understanding of phenomena, facts, prerequisites, and effects.
6. My partner very rarely instructs me (pulls me up, lecture) against my will.
7. In general, my spouse and I have different ideas about family life values.
8. The way a spouse spends their free time definitely strengthens our family.
9. Differences in our characters make it difficult to understand each other.
10. Sometimes my spouse makes me unhappy if they find it difficult to grasp my thought.
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