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Accurate and Quick Depression Test

Could you be depressed?

Many of us experience depression, and its symptoms, which are not uncommon:

  • lack of mood
  • a pessimistic view of the world
  • apathy
  • irritability
  • slowness in movements and thoughts.

You are probably wondering: “What if depression occurs?” First, do not panic! It is highly likely that it is just short-term stress. And secondly, we advise you to take our test for depression. You only need a few minutes to complete 20 questions. This test is based on effective, psychological, and somatic symptoms associated with depression. Results are completely anonymous and free.

Depression is not just a feeling of unhappiness.

According to statistical studies, depression is one of the most common diseases worldwide, being in the same row as cardiovascular diseases. Constant anxieties and stresses are constantly affecting psychological well-being. Depression is not a particular problem for some people, but in fact, it is a serious illness. It is actually quite difficult to get rid of depression, but most people manage to cope with it with both the right approach and treatment.

The depression causes are usually specific - long-term mental stress, overwork, chronic brain injury, severe and prolonged diseases of internal organs, lack of blood supply to the brain, and congenital neurochemical disorders. There are also a huge number of symptoms, such as lack of energy, low self-esteem, bad mood, a sense of hopelessness, and trouble sleeping. The more symptoms - the greater the likelihood of falling into depression. This depression test will allow you to determine the level of depression with a fairly high degree of accuracy. Subsequently, you can use this information for your health or joy.


You will see a list of questions concerning people who have already been diagnosed with depression below. They relate to their both life situations and experiences. You need to indicate how often you came across similar (or very similar) feelings during the last month.

Please answer without haste, honestly and thoughtfully: it is in your interest to give both truthful and accurate answers.

I am miserable or often feel like crying
I feel worthless and ashamed about myself
I feel that others would be better off if I were dead
I take longer than usual to fall asleep or wake up often in the middle of the night
I have lost interest in most (or all) of the things and activities that used to find enjoyable
I am so slowed down that people can easily notice
I am afraid but don’t know the reason
It is hard to concentrate and to do the things I used to
I have to force myself to eat even a little
My sexual interest is the same as before
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