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Disney Princesses Pathology Test

What could be wrong with Disney princesses?

Many little girls have imagined themselves as Disney princesses, dreaming of appealing attires, life in a beautiful castle, and the love of a handsome prince. The princesses became idols and role models. But is their life so cloudless and wonderful? Today, we will look at features of their behavior from the point of view of psychology and will try to figure out whether it is worth modeling ourselves after them.

Although the princesses are fictional characters with exaggerated personality traits for more dramatic effect, they exhibit some pretty factual symptoms of psychological disorders familiar to us.

Some of them, for example, show symptoms of anxiety, depression, body dysmorphic disorders, aggression, and other disorders. We examine 10 major psychological disorders of the Disney princesses in detail in this article.

Which princess is your favorite?

After taking the test, you will find out which of the 10 Disney princesses is mentally closest to you. Association of your personality with one (or more) of them may indicate a similar psychotype and, accordingly, a tendency to similar psychological problems.


This test was created in collaboration with a professional psychologist, but in no way is it a tool for diagnosing. Its results are to be interpreted for educational and entertainment purposes only. That said, we hope that the test results will encourage many of you to continue exploring your personality.

1. I like to look at myself in the mirror
2. I worry about what people think of me
3. I tend to feel hopeless
4. I can forget to do something, for example, pay a bill or miss a meeting
5. I often get deeply distressed by negative comments that seem to not affect most people.
6. I often offend people who are important to me with words, without even noticing it
7. I take pride in my physical appearance and spend lots of time and energy to have it
8. I avoid some activities because of my body features
9. I have had times where I am both depressed and elated at the same time
10. I tend to notice details that others do not
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