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Do I Really Like Him?

Do I really like him?

"Butterflies in the stomach"

Feelings of love, excitement, joy, and happiness are always there with you? Do you feel that you are obsessed with a particular person and are not sure whether you should keep up with that infatuation or give it up? Usually, this happens at the very beginning of a relationship or when it is unclear whether the feelings are mutual.

You admire his dimples, you have examined all the moles on his face, ears, and neck, all sorts of ridiculous things that he does seem incredibly cool to you. Does this mean that you really like him?

Take this test and find out if you're in love with him

You texted him "How are you?" and you are looking forward to his answer. You see that he is online, but he is not answering. Another half an hour without any response gives you no rest. All this time you think of his reaction to your message. You are imagining how he is reflecting on what to answer you. Maybe he is writing a poem for you. Or maybe he will just answer out of courtesy? As a result, you get the answer - “Hi. I'm ok!"...

You are confused. Many people have walked in your shoes. There is a guy you like. Maybe. Well, sort of. But, you're not sure. So how do you know how much you like him?

Take this test and answer the questions as honestly as possible!


Below is a list of questions describing various situations. You need to choose the answer that suits your personal beliefs. Please answer the questions as honestly as possible! Be aware that this test is only for people you know in real life, so take it with your favorite celebrity in mind! At the end of the test, a permanent link with your result is generated; you can share it with friends on social networks.


Note this test is provided strictly for informational, educational and entertainment purposes and should not be used for making any decision. It is not intended to be a psychological advice of any kind.

1. Do you know him in real life (talk in person, participate in the same events, etc.)?
2. How long have you known him for?
3. How often do you think about him?
4. How would you save his number on your phone?
5. You are happy with any number of his calls and messages. Do you actively answer them?
6. Have you ever shared your favorite music, photos with each other?
7. Does he have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
8. Have you ever asked him to spend time with you?
9. Do you often imagine that the two of you are happy together?
10. What do you think is the most likely kind of relationship between you in the future?
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