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Dog Breed Selector

Dog Breed Selector - Which Dog Should I Get?

Have you been wanting to get a dog for a long time? Great idea!

Scientists note that a dog helps its owner cope with stress, saves them from loneliness, stimulates them to lead a more active lifestyle. Besides, having a dog in the house helps raise children because they learn responsibility and patience.

Some studies show that couples who have a dog have arguments significantly less often and, on average, communicate with each other more.

What breed of dog is right for me?

But what breed should you choose for the dog to meet your expectations? After all, today, there are about 400 different breeds of dogs and each of them is unique. You should take the choice of a pet seriously so that your family members and the pet itself are comfortable.

We suggest you take a test to determine what breed suits you best and what kind of pet will become part of your family.

Find your perfect dog!

Test consists of 18 questions, you just need to choose the most suitable answer. Don't take this test too seriously - it was created solely for fun:)

1. Do you have a lot of free space at home?
2. Do you have a hard time waking up early in the morning?
3. How patient are you?
4. Which hobby do you prefer?
5. Do you have other pets?
6. What size dogs do you like best?
7. How do you feel about dog hair?
8. What emotions should your dog evoke in others?
9. Will children live in the same house with the dog?
10. Do you plan to take your dog with you on your trips?
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