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Emotional Abuse Test

Mental and Emotional Abuse in Love Relationships

Have you ever got a feeling that in a love relationship you are not treated as an equal partner, you are not fully respected as a person, as well as your aspirations and needs? Do you suspect that the partner is manipulating you consciously to raise his own self-esteem?

If you are familiar with such feelings, there is a chance that you are an emotional abuse victim.

When Love Isn't Love: The toxic shadow of emotional abuse

Emotional abuse in a love relationship has quite a few signs: from stalking and groundless jealousy to direct threats and insults. Having passed this emotional abuse test, you will be able to determine the level of mental and emotional abuse in your relationship. The lower it is, the healthier the atmosphere in the relationship, and the greater the couple's chances of a long-term trusting relationship are.


Note this test is not a diagnostic tool and is provided for educational purposes only, and its questions and results can in no way be interpreted as a specialist's or doctor’s advice or as recommendations of any other kind.

Your partner constantly calls or writes to you when you are not together.
You suspect that your partner may read your personal correspondence, check your smartphone without your permission.
Your partner may come to your home, work or study place without warning.
Your partner reckons that you must spend all your free time together.
Your partner threatens to commit suicide if you break up.
The partner is jealous of your success, cannot sincerely be happy for you.
The partner often asks you to change your plans.
The partner asks you to quit activities that can substantially change your life for better (moving to another city or country, new career, study).
The partner tries to set you up against relatives and friends, stressing that they are not worthy of you.
The partner insults and humiliates you, as if it is a joke, and pretends that they do not understand why you are offended.
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