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Eysenck's Temperament Test

What is your temperament type?

To determine the types of temperament, H.J. Eysenck developed a two-factor model, which includes extroversion and neuroticism scales. Extroversion is a characteristic of individual psychological differences between people. There are two directions, so person either intends to the external world (extroversion) or inner world (introversion).

Neuroticism is a mental state characterized by emotional instability, anxiety, excitement, poor health, and vegetative disorders. This factor is also bipolar. There are two poles: one with positive meaning is marked with emotional stability and the opposite pole - with emotional instability. Emotional stability is typical for sanguine and phlegmatic people, in contrast, emotional instability is a feature of choleric and melancholic ones.

This online temperament test classifies people into four groups by temperament

Extroverts (sanguine and choleric) are sociable but have low persistence. They often take the initiative, have flexible behavior and high social adaptability.

Introverts (phlegmatic and melancholic) are observant, distant, socially uncooperative with sufficient persistence. They tend to self-examination, find it difficult to adapt in the society, and concentrate on their feelings.

Why should you know your type of temperament?

You should determine the personality type to understand what to expect from yourself in everyday life, and what you are capable of in force majeure circumstances.

Note: this temperament test is created for educational and entertainment use only, please do not take it as psychological or medical advice of any kind.

1. I often feel need to get away from the crowd and be alone
2. I am rather a serious person than carefree
3. I carefully plan my vacation beforehand
4. I prefer to answer the questions rather than start conversation
5. I can do anything for a bet
6. It is usual to be a leader for me
7. I prefer reading books to meeting people
8. I enjoy shopping with my friends
9. I’m trying to limit my social circle of few close friends
10. If someone yells at me I will yell back
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