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Fear Of Intimacy Test

What factors can trigger fear of intimacy?

To some extent, we all fear different aspects of intimacy - emotional, intellectual, or sexual. Although fear of intimacy is often referred to as intimacy avoidance, people who experience this fear usually desire intimacy and normal relationships. However, on a subconscious level, they may push their partner away and intentionally sabotage relationships.

But for some people, the level of fear of intimacy is much higher than for others, which has a significant negative impact on their lives. They may find it difficult to initiate relationships, distance themselves from their current partner, and seem to intentionally destroy relationships. Why does this happen?

As a rule, the main factor that determines the ability to build trusting relationships is past experience. These can be childhood traumas and experiences, betrayal, rejection, or cruel treatment by parents or previous partners. The loss or serious illness of a loved one can also play a significant role.

Some researchers believe that fear of intimacy is a manifestation of an anxiety disorder and should be considered in the context of this particular condition.

Fear of intimacy scale

Have you asked yourself the question "Am I scared of intimacy?" or "Do I have intimacy issues?" Do you feel like you're afraid of sexual or emotional intimacy, run away from a partner or destroy relationships? Then this fear of intimacy scale is just for you. The test will allow you to evaluate the degree of symptoms of this condition and determine your level of fear of intimacy.


This questionnaire is not intended to give the level of diagnosis or advice that a qualified practitioner can. This intimacy issues test was made just for your fun and educational purposes.

When someone tries to get emotionally close to you, how do you usually react?
When was the last time you confided in someone about something personal?
How do you feel about discussing your past experiences with a romantic partner?
How do you feel about sharing your hopes and dreams with a romantic partner?
How often do you find yourself avoiding physical touch with others?
How do you feel about the idea of being vulnerable in front of someone?
When someone expresses affection or love for you, how do you usually respond?
How do you feel about the idea of having a long-term committed relationship?
How often do you initiate physical contact with others?
How do you feel about public displays of affection such as kissing or hugging in public?
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