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Fey’s Acceptance of Others Scale

Fey’s Acceptance of others scale

This technique was published in 1955 by William F. Fey for verification of the degree of acceptance of others. Most often, this test is used to measure the level of team adaptation in students of grades 5 to 11.

What is acceptance of others?

Acceptance is a statement of the fact of other's feelings, events, behavior, moral attitudes. Normal acceptance of other people as they are leads to a normal acceptance of one's own personality, self-esteem raise, stress resistance, and a positive attitude towards others.

In modern society, acceptance of others is closely intertwined with the concept of tolerance. The higher the degree of acceptance of others, the more a person is characterized by non-aggressive behavior, cultural tolerance, and lack of prejudice towards views that are different from their own.

Instructions for Fey’s questionnaire

Read the 18 questionnaire statements carefully and note the extent to which you agree with the suggested statement using the suggested scale. Note this test is intended strictly for informational, educational and entertainment purposes; its results cannot replace the real help of a specialist and should not be used for making any decision.

1. People are too easily led.
2. I like people I get to know.
3. People these days have pretty low moral standards.
4. Most people are pretty smug about themselves, never really facing their bad points.
5. I can be comfortable with nearly all kinds of people.
6. All people can talk about these days, it seems, is movies, TV, and foolishness like that.
7. Once you start doing favors, they’ll just walk all over you.
8. People are too self-centered.
9. People are always dissatisfied and hunting for something new.
10. Most people's quirks are very difficult to tolerate.
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