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Freud Personality Test

Personality testing based on the Freud's theory

Attention! Freud's theory of the psychosexual development of the personality is based on a mass of gender stereotypes, has been repeatedly criticized by leading modern scholars and recognized as extremely unscientific. Therefore, be skeptical about the test results and in no case take them as medical recommendations or advice of any other kind.

The Freudian Personality Style Test is intended for educational and recreational purposes only.

Freud was convinced that our whole life, all our actions and desires are based on sexual desire. According to Freud, our libido (sexual energy) goes through several stages of development: oral, anal, phallic, latency and genital stages. Each of the stages is important for proper individual psychosexual development. If a conflict occurs at any stage of this development, it will certainly affect the psychosexuality of a person in adulthood.

Keep in mind that Freud put a very broad meaning in the concept of “psychosexuality”: it includes thoughts, behavior, attitude to work, and sexuality itself in the modern sense.

This quiz was inspired by Freud's theory of psychosexuality, but some questions were added for a deeper assessment and best results.

Take Freud's Test Online

Procedure: You have thirty five simple statements below. Just answear honestly in a way how you really are, not in a way you want to be evaluated by others. Then you will get free instant results based on each stage of your psychosexual development.

1. It is normal to ask for help when you need it
2. My home can be pretty untidy
3. I have sexual night dreams
4. I like to watch popular science like Discovery channel
5. It's true that I'm irritable
6. I smoke
7. I am often late work, stydy, etc.
8. I'm generally quiet and reserved person
9. I like to travel
10. Holidays must be celebrated in the family circle
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