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Gender Identity Test

Figure out your real gender

Do you question your gender? Take this free LGBTQ+ test and figure it out. Today, the role of a person in society no longer depends on biological sex differences; the concept of gender identity is entering everyday life more and more firmly and is officially recognized. The division of the life spheres into male and female ones is becoming more and more blurred, which also reduces social stereotypes about the behavior and self-expression of a person.

What is gender?

The concept of gender has always been and remains multifaceted. Nowadays, gender means the social role of an individual. Gender is not the same as biological sex, parenting gender, or gender according to an individual’s ID. These concepts may not match. Gender is a complex marker for human behavior, a person’s interests and self-expression, role, and functions in society.

am i nonbinary quiz

This test can answer the question whether you are a non-binary person and what type of gender identity is closest to you.

Take Gender Identity Test Online

Please be skeptical about the test results and in no case take them as medical recommendations or advice of any other kind. This Gender Identity Test is intended for educational purposes only.

1. By birth, I am a biological:
2. Have you used hormone therapy to change your body composition?
3. When reflecting on my gender, I can think for a long time or get upset.
4. Do you think traditional gender roles:
5. Do you think your life could be better if your gender was different at birth?
6. Have you changed your appearance to the opposite gender appearance in a private setting?
7. I am a very emotional person.
8. Strangers may mistake me for a person of the opposite sex.
9. People often jump to the wrong conclusion:
10. It annoys me:
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