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Harry Potter Pathology Test

What could be wrong in the Harry Potter's universe?

Everyone knows the saga about " the boy who survived", his friends, and the magical world that exists next to ours. Good boys defeat bad boys, what could be wrong here?

Since childhood, we have watched the adventures of Harry and his friends, but we couldn’t even imagine that many characters, both positive and negative, demonstrate symptoms of serious psychological disorders.

What problems could wizards go to a psychoanalyst with?

Using the method developed by Professors Dr. Sarah E. Shea (M.D.) and Dr. Kevin Gordon (M.D.) we were able to analyze the personality and behavior of many characters in more detail. You will find 12 psychotypes here.

Take the test and find out which of the characters you subconsciously associate yourself with most of all and what psychological problems may be hidden behind this.


You will be asked 48 questions; answer honestly, without thinking for too long. Note this test is intended solely for informational, educational and entertainment purposes; its results cannot replace the real help of a specialist and should not be used for making any decision or as a specialist's advice.

1. I can cheer up absolutely anyone
2. I am afraid of not living up to someone's expectations
3. I often dream about sad events from my past
4. I can easily use people to achieve my goals
5. There have been situations in my life that stop me from treating people with affection and care
6. I can always tell if I have a good or a bad person in front of me
7. I try to avoid anything that can upset or anger me
8. I am so full of energy that I can charge everyone with it
9. I have a clear plan I try to stick to
10. My reflections jump from one topic to another, and sometimes I don't even notice it
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