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Holland Codes (RIASEC) Test

Free RIASEC Career Test online

The Holland Code (RIASEC) refers to both career theory and professional choice based on personality types. It was created by a well-known American scientist, psychologist, John L. Holland.

The test creator worked as a professor at Michigan University for most of his life, becoming the pioneer of crucial scientific in both psychology and computer sphere. A scientist from the State University of Pennsylvania suggested an alternative way to categorize six types - ancient social roles: (Realistic) hunters, (Inquisitive) shamans, (Artistic) artisans, (Social) healers, (Initiative) leaders, and (Usual) lore keepers.

A certain test is often used when applying for a job in order to determine the professional type of person and to draw appropriate conclusions on the basis of the received information. Even now, Holland's unique questionnaire on vocational guidance has not lost its relevance, and it is, in fact, gaining more and more popularity.

What is the meaning of my Holland code?

You can easily identify your interests and what you like to do with the help of this test without too much difficulty. Three types of RIASEC with the highest combined points means your three-letter Holland summary code. It is the most concise and understandable way to tell about your interests' combination. Usually, they are the result of your previous life experience.

Of course, you have the opportunity both to develop and try new hobbies related to RIASEC types. Moreover, the person type appears much clearer with the passing of the years, as they acquire more life experience.

To take the Holland Code career assessment, mark your interest in each shown activity. Do not worry about whether you have the skills or training to do an activity, or how much money you might make; just think about whether you would enjoy doing it or not. 
1. Use a computer program to organize financial data
2. Provide career counseling to people
3. Write books or plays
4. Motivate employees to achieve success
5. Manage transport logistic
6. Provide massage services
7. Sell used cars
8. Study tigers and other types of wild life
9. Track monthly expenses for a company
10. Handle customers bank transactions
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