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IQ Test for 7-8 Years Kids

7-8-year-old kids - IQ test

The level of intellectual children development aged from 6.5 to 8.5 years can be determined with the help of this test. It consists of 25 questions. The level of accumulated knowledge, the child’s ability to generalize, spatial thinking and simple arithmetic can be disclosed after passing our test both online and free of charge. It is important to note all the test results are not the cause of changes during the educational process or upbringing, they are just recommendations.

The most precise IQ test for children of 7 or 8 years old

The individual measurement of children's abilities can be accurately determined with the help of IQ tests. Thanks to this, parents can maximize the potential of their children, take appropriate measures to support little ones with disabilities, or just identify the most appropriate path of development.

This test provides equal opportunities for “good” and “bad” students. Indeed, there is not a single question concerning the general culture in this test. It also does not take into account both child’s verbal and academic knowledge. No preparation or special knowledge is needed for this test.

How is it recommended to take the test? You can read the question and all the answers out loud, and the child looks at the screen - he should also be able to read some questions and answers on his own. Pass this test individually with the child.

Make sure your child is both calm and comfortable for the next 25-30 minutes — this is important. He/she should be focused. We recommend you take the test some other time if your child is drowsy, tired, or wants to do something else.

Question How many sides has this geometric shape?
Question Which picture should come next in the series?
Question Define the logic of the sequence and continue the series of numbers:
11 19 16 14 21 9 26
Question What color do you get when you mix yellow and blue?
Question If July 3rd is a Tuesday, which day of the week would be July 6th?
Question If you rearrange the letters "KOMENY", you would have the name of a:
Question Which one of the four is least like the other three?
February, March, April, May
Question Which one of the five is least like the other four?
Tulip, Lily, Tomato, Chamomile, Violet
Question What animal hibernates during the winter?
Question Which picture should come next in the series?
Question Hedgehog is weaker than a wolf. But hedgehog is stronger than a mouse. Who is the weakest?
Question Which pencil is not yellow and not blue, not the shortest and not the longest?
Question It is 5:10 pm now. What time it was 30 minutes ago?
Question Which of the pictures best completes the series?
Question How many cubes are there on the table?
Question Choose the animal with the least weight
Question Which caterpillar is longer?
Question This cat looks in the mirror. Choose the picture with the correct reflection:
Question Point out two fragments into which this figure was divided:
Question Select the answer option which is the missing piece from the larger image:
Question Same images hide same numbers.
What number is hidden behind the orange?
Question How many minutes are there in a two hours?
Question To pound a nail, you need a:
Question Which of the shapes best completes the series?
Question Which leg belongs to duck?
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