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Multi-Dimensional (Romantic) Jealousy Scale

Multi-dimensional (romantic) jealousy scale

What is jealousy?

Experiencing jealousy is a signal, a red flag that there is a fear of being alone, of losing someone's love. Jealousy is not just a feeling. It is a lot of emotions, sensations, thoughts, types of behaviors, questions, and strategies to control the other person.

Jealousy is a complex psychological phenomenon that includes a lot of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral variables. Jealousy is always accompanied by suffering while creating many problems and conflicts in relationships, which reduces the level of social support and mutual understanding and alienates partners from one another.

Jealousy Test

Jealousy is an evolutionary strategy for our defense as a skill to recognize our competitors. But how relevant is it in today's world? After all, excessive jealousy can destroy relationships, scare off our friends, and make our relatives turn their back on us. Do you want to know how jealous you are? Take the free Jealousy Test - it will only take a few minutes.


You need to specify your reaction to the potential events given in the test. Answer the questions sincerely - and you will get the most accurate answer for yourself.


Note this test is provided strictly for informational, educational and entertainment purposes and should not be used for making any decision. It is not intended to be a psychological advice of any kind.

1. X is telling you how good a particular member of the opposite sex looks.
2. X is showing great interest or excitement when talking to someone of the opposite sex.
3. A member of the opposite sex is constantly trying to get close to X.
4. X is flirting with someone of the opposite sex.
5. Someone of the opposite sex is dating X.
6. X is hugging and kissing someone of the opposite sex.
7. I suspect that X is secretly dating someone of the opposite sex.
8. I suspect that someone else might like X.
9. I suspect that X may be physically intimate with another person of the opposite sex behind my back.
10. I think X is secretly developing an intimate relationship with someone of the opposite sex.
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