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Kinsey Scale (Am I GAY Test)

Where will you fall on the Kinsey scale?

Alfred Kinsey is known as the "father of the sexual revolution" because of the creation of the sexuality scale. Sexuality does not fit into two strict categories: homosexual or heterosexual. With this object in view, the Kinsey scale was created so that it could be demonstrated. Sexuality is fluid, being able to transform over time which is the opinion Kinsey had.

Numerous sexual practices, not been previously discussed, have been made public thanks to Kinsey. The Kinsey scale development created a real sensation in the sphere of sexual identity.

The Kinsey scale was developed by Alfred Kinsey in 1948. In fact, it was a scale from heterosexuality to homosexuality, instead of describing people as having homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual sexual orientation.

Taking the Kinsey (Am I Gay) Test

Let's try to determine how gay you are by comparing with others? At least just for fun. Unleash your true sexuality by taking the Kinsey test. It is based on the present study of Dr. Kinsey. Are you a natural, bisexual or gay? Check ahead!

What are your sexual fantasies about?
How about going to bed with someone of the same sex?
Do you like to do things that the other sex stereotypically does (for example, bra wearing if you're a guy)?
Who is attractive for you?
Who have you already had sex with?
Have you ever stared at someone cute or beautiful of your gender?
Have you ever been called gay / lesbian?
Do you have any gay friends?
I wouldn't want to die without having experimented sexually with the same sex.
Would you watch a some kind of porno with both actors of your gender?
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