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Leonhard - Shmishek Test

Leonhard - Shmishek Test

This questionnaire is designed to identify the type of personality accentuation. G. Shmishek created it in 1970 to modify the "Methodology for studying personality accentuations of K. Leonhard."

Leonhard identified ten types of accentuated personalities, divided into two groups: character accentuations (demonstrative, pedantic, stuck, excitable) and temperament accentuations (hypertensive, dysthymic, anxious, cyclothymic, affective, emotive).

Understand yourself better with the Shmishek accentuation types

The test is designed to identify accentuated character traits and temperament of teenagers and adults. The Shmishek characterological test is suitable for taking into account character accentuations in the learning process, professional selection, psychological counseling, and career guidance.


You will be offered 88 simple statements regarding your nature. There is no wrong or right anwers, just answer honestly yes or no without hesitation for a long time.

Note that this test is provided for educational purposes only, and its questions and results can in no way be interpreted as a specialist or doctor’s advice.

1. Is your mood generally cheerful and carefree?
2. Are you sensitive to insults?
3. Have you sometimes cried suddenly?
4. Do you always consider yourself right in what you are doing, and you will not calm down until you are convinced of this?
5. Do you consider yourself bolder now than in childhood?
6. Can your mood change from deep joy to deep sadness?
7. Are you in the center of attention in companies?
8. Do you have days when you are in a gloomy and irritable mood without any reason and do not want to talk to anyone?
9. Are you a serious person?
10. Can you be very inspired?
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