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Lusher Color Test

The methodology purpose for online Lusher Color Quiz

Recently, the Luscher test, which uses a range of colors has gained wide popularity as a tool for identifying emotional, characterological personality basis and the subtle nuances of its current state. The Luscher color test is based on the assumption the unconscious colors' choice often reflects a person’s focus on a certain activity, mood, the most stable personality traits, and the functional human state.

The (“eight-color”) Luscher test is an experimental technique, allowing drawing a parallel between color preferences and individual object characteristics. Developed by M. Luscher, the first test edition was published in 1948, also known as the “Eight-Color Luscher Test”. This color quiz allows to determine:

• an actual psycho-physiological condition of a person;

• level of stress resistance;

• activity;

• the presence or absence of communication skills.

All these factors can be explained using color diagnostics.


All the chosen colors are universal for people of different ages, ranks and classes - this is what makes the uniqueness of the result achieved. If you have taken lots of tests in the past that are boring and mediocre, you will need little time to pass the Luscher one. After all, this is just a choice of colors based on the “like, dislike” principle.

Informed consent

Passing this test is possible only for educational purposes. It can not be a substitute for any professional or medical services. Your answers to this test will be stored, used for research and may be shared. All the data will be used anonymously.

Lusher test instructions

You just need to choose color you like from all those the offered and click (tap) this card. Then choose the color you like the most among the remaining cards and continue until all the cards have been taken. After that, you need to repeat the procedure.
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