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Machiavellianism Scale

Machiavellianism Personality Scale

Machiavellianism Scale was developed by social psychologists Richard Christie and Florence L. Geis in the 1970. Estimating the level of Machiavellian personality allows us to determine the possibility of one person to use for their purposes another one, who is ready to obey due to own personal characteristics.

Everyone has a predisposition to manipulative behavior, but some are more prone and capable than others. The adoption of Niccolò Machiavelli's attitudes means that people can and even should be manipulated. Take this machiavellianism test to find out your own level.

What is Machiavellianism?

Machiavellianism is a personality feature that combines cynicism, alienation, emotional coldness, disregard for morality, allowing others to be used in own interest.

With this kind of manipulation, the exploitation of the other actualizes the need for cooperation, the desire to have a good relationship, and look good in the eyes of others.


This test is intended solely for informational, educational and entertainment purposes; its results cannot replace the real help of a specialist and should not be used for making any decision.

1. Never tell anyone the real reason you did something unless it is useful to do so.
2. The biggest difference between most criminals and other people is that the criminals are stupid enough to get caught.
3. Anyone who completely trusts anyone else is asking for trouble.
4. Most people are brave.
5. P.T. Barnum was wrong when he said that there's a sucker born every minute.
6. When you ask someone to do something for you, it is best to give the real reasons for wanting it rather than giving reasons which carry more weight.
7. It is possible to be good in all respects.
8. Honesty is the best policy in all cases.
9. There is no excuse for lying to someone else.
10. People suffering from incurable diseases should have the choice of being put painlessly to death.
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