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Maddi`s Hardiness Survey

Maddi's Hardiness Survey

This Hardiness Test is a variation of the Hardiness Survey and is based on the theory of the American psychologist Salvatore Maddy who introduced the concept of hardiness to the public in his work published in 1984.

What is Hardiness?

The hardiness personality characteristic denotes a measure of a person's ability to withstand a stressful situation while maintaining internal balance and without reducing their productivity. This concept was highlighted in the course of research on psychological factors that contribute to successful coping with stress and the reduction (or even prevention) of negative reactions to stressful situations.

Hardiness is formed in childhood and adolescence, although theoretically, its development is possible at a later age, too.

The concept of hardiness is closely related to optimism, religiosity, as well as the features of the Big Five test, however, they should be considered separately and not confused when creating an individual's psychological profile.

The applied aspect of hardiness is due to the role that this personality variable plays in a person's success in facing stressful situations, primarily in professional activity. According to research data, hardiness turns out to be a key personality variable that reduces the influence of stress factors on somatic and mental health, as well as on the success of adaptation to a new type of activity, to new cultural and social conditions.


You will be offered 45 statements, evaluate how much you agree or disagree with each of them. Note this test is intended strictly for informational, educational and entertainment purposes; its results cannot replace the real help of a specialist and should not be used for making any decision.

1. I'm often unsure about my own decisions.
2. Sometimes, it seems to me that nobody cares about me.
3. Often, even after a good night's sleep, I can hardly force myself out of bed.
4. I'm constantly busy and I like it.
5. I often prefer to go with the flow.
6. I change my plans depending on the circumstances.
7. I'm annoyed by events that force me to change my daily routine.
8. Unforeseen difficulties, sometimes, tire me out a lot.
9. I'm always in control of the situation as much as necessary.
10. Sometimes, I get so tired that nothing interests me.
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