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Multidimensional Anger Test

What is anger?

Anger is one of the basic negative emotions of an individual, arising in response to a stimulus and being expressed in various ways: from internal discontent to open resentment and aggression. The reason can be anything: physical or emotional pain, unjustified expectations, betrayal, violation of certain norms by other people, etc.

Multidimensional anger test

It is perfectly normal to feel angry in certain situations, but how can you tell if you have anger issues? Just take the anger level test and get a comprehensive interpretation of the most important aspects of expressing and controlling anger.

This test was inspired by research conducted by scientists such as Dr. Judith M. Siegel, Charles D. Spielberger, and Peter R. Vagg.

PSMAT (Psycho-Tests Multidimensional Anger Test) is a unique work developed by psycho-tests.com experts. The test has a unique set of 49 questions, a unique scoring and interpretation algorithm, and evaluates the respondent’s anger level on seven scales: Anger intensity, Angry temperament, Criticism Anger, Internal Anger, External Anger, Hostile Outlook, and Anger Control. The overall anger index will allow you to compare your result with the results of other respondents and determine whether your level of anger is more or less than the average.


This questionnaire is not intended to give the level of diagnosis or advice that a qualified practitioner can. If you feel angry or depressed, you should consult your doctor. This anger issues test was made just for your fun and educational purposes.

1. When I'm angry, it is hard for me to think logically.
2. I think I get angry more than people around me.
3. I am sure that others underestimate me.
4. I feel guilty for a long time after an outburst of anger.
5. When I get angry, it is reflected physically in my body - my heart starts beating faster, I may blush, sweat, etc.
6. Most people want to use others to achieve their own goals.
7. If I get angry, I calm down pretty quickly.
8. I just boil with anger when things don't go my way.
9. I often get angry at other drivers when I drive.
10. I can get angry even at the slightest criticism of me.
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