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Palm Reading Quiz

Palm Reading Quiz

Palmistry has always been attractive to people. Thanks to this, it becomes clear to us how the ancient art of palm reading managed to survive to this day, after a millennium. This complex science has always amused, surprised and intrigued people of almost all social layers and states throughout the amazing history of mankind.

It is considered to be ancient occult science, originating in India, Babylon, China, and Ancient Israel. Divination is carried out using the hand lines, the shape of the palm and its fingers. Both lines and symbols are deeply studied.

The hand acts as a gateway to the past, present, and future of humanity, and much can be learned about the subject by following the ancient methods of reading the palm.

What do the main palm lines mean?

There are 6 lines on our palm and each of them has its own important meaning. Take this quiz to be more aware of your character. It will also help you both understand and choose your path.

  • The Life line
  • The Head line
  • The Heart line
  • The Fate line
  • The Health line
  • The Sun line

There are people who may not have all of these lines. However, there is nothing to worry about. However, that is nothing to worry about. The lines may change, but the beginnings and ends of those lines are the most important to interpret your destiny.

Read your palm online!

Would you like to know more truth about material well-being, money and health? It will be enough for you to spend only a few minutes, answering a few questions, so that you can get your individual results.

Only your dominant hand should be used for analysis. However, do not take the results too seriously. Remember the only creator of your destiny is you. Just get as much fun as possible and be sure to share the results with your friends.

Question 1 of 16
1. Choose the form of hand most similar to yours:
2. Choose the proportion between the index and ring finger
3. Look at your middle finger. What side is it curved more?
4. Ease your hand and look at the location of little finger. What photo is the closest to you?
5. Form of thumb is rather similar to:
6. Is any of the fingers framed with the “ring” as shown?
7. Find the lifeline on your palm, refer to the picture (in green) and describe it.
8. Choose the most similar direction of the lifeline:
9. Are there any interruptions in the lifeline?
10. Where does the lifeline start?
11. Find your head line on the palm, refer to the picture. Choose the most similar option:
12. Find your heart line on the palm referring to the picture. Chose the most similar option:
13. Find the line of fortune on your palm referring to the picture. Choose the most similar option:
14. Find the affection lines referring to the picture:
15. Dou you have the travel lines?
16. Are there any of such lines on your hand?
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