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Perfectionism Test

What is Perfectionism?

In the modern world, people are more and more striving to achieve success in all areas of life. According to psychologists, this desire for self-improvement and achieving the ideal can be described as perfectionism. Perfectionists are overly self-demanding, unable to forgive themselves for imperfect results. Many researchers are stating that it emerges in childhood. A child, either seeking to earn love and approval or fearing to anger their parents, tries to be as good as possible.

Perfectionism is described in detail in the works of such psychologists as Hewitt, P. L, & Flett, G. L. They define this feature as the necessity to be perfect in everything.

Aspects of perfectionism:

Based on their research and predecessors' works, Hewitt & Flett proposed the following structure of elements of perfectionism:

  • self-oriented perfectionism
  • socially-oriented perfectionism
  • socially prescripted perfectionism

The total score of all components reflects the overall level of perfectionism. However, the percentage of perfectionism components can be different. Thus, even having the same general level, different people may have distinct profiles of the perfectionism composing aspects.

Having passed the perfectionism test, you will see from its structure in which aspect you set the standards too high. Perhaps, later on, it will be easier for you to accept this world's imperfection.


You will be offered 45 simple statements concerning your personal characteristics and traits. There is no wrong or right anwers, just decide honestly whether you agree or disagree with each item.

Note that this test is provided for educational purposes only, and its questions and results can in no way be interpreted as a specialist or doctor’s advice.

1. When I am working on something, I cannot relax until it is perfect
2. I am not likely to criticize someone for giving up too easily
3. It is not important that people I am close to are successful
4. I seldom criticize my friends for accepting second best
5. I find it difficult to meet others’ expectations of me
6. I find it difficult to meet others’ expectations of me
7. Everything that others do must be of top-notch quality
8. I never aim for perfection on my work
9. Those around me readily accept that I can make mistakes too
10. It doesn’t matter when someone close to me does not do their absolute best
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