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Pooh Pathology Test

What could be wrong in the Winnie-the-Pooh's world?

In the beautiful Hundred Acre Wood, a boy plays with his friends - what could be wrong in this fictional world? After all, whole generations love the story about Winnie-the-Pooh since childhood.

However, Professors Dr. Sarah E. Shea (M.D.),Dr. Kevin Gordon (M.D.) looked closely at all the characters in Alan Milne's stories loved by everyone from the point of view of psychoanalysis and found out that the characters have certain psychological deviations, and some even show symptoms of serious psychological illnesses.

What is your favorite character in the story?

As it turned out, this seemingly innocent tale about a boy and his best friend, a bear, is just replete with psychological problems of its characters. Scientists found clear symptoms of serious psychological disorders in the behavior of each of the nine characters studied, so the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood turned out to be not so carefree and charming.

Pooh pathology test

Take the Pooh test and find out which of the protagonists you subconsciously associate yourself with, what phobias and disorders you're prone to, and what problems may lie behind this.


You will be asked 36 questions; answer honestly, without thinking for too long. Note this test is intended solely for informational, educational and entertainment purposes; its results cannot replace the real help of a specialist and should not be used for making any decision or as a specialist's advice.

1. I often run around my apartment looking for my keys and phone before leaving
2. I may forget to make an appointment with a doctor, but I will remind a loved one about it 100 times.
3. It’s hard to distract me from my studies or work until I'm done.
4. I can't read between the lines
5. Sometimes I try to read aloud quickly because I'm afraid to mispronounce a word.
6. I'm more an optimist than a pessimist
7. I often have the impression that someone is following me
8. I can rarely recognize danger, my intuition is always silent
9. I almost always worry about my loved ones
10. I can take on something new without completing something I had already started
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