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Psychopathy Test

Could you be a psychopath?

People suffering from psychopathy are distinguished primarily by the emotional experiences of inadequacy, the tendency of both depressive and obsessive states, constant conscience remorse, antisocial behavior, impatience of empathy, selfishness, and a slow reaction. All of these symptoms amount to a severe personality disorder. The disease is similar to sociopathy.

Psychopathy Symptoms and Signs

  • Inadequate high self-esteem
  • Pathological deceit
  • Mislead others, being a manipulator
  • No guilt/remorse
  • Small emotions
  • Lack of sympathy
  • Callousness
  • Messy sexual behavior
  • Lack of long-range, realistic objectives
  • Self-abandonment
  • Blaming others and refusing to assume a responsibility

This will be easier to understand whether you have a propensity for this disease thanks to this test. You may have warning signs and the test will help prevent illness.

This is not a medical report by any means. Only specialists are able to diagnose you! However, this psychopathy test is able to create an overall picture of your psychological state, which will be based on your honest answers. Remember, this is not a psychological consultation or a diagnostic tool.


There are 12 statements in this test. You need to apply all the statements to yourself. Please rate each of them, according to the scale (1) strongly disagree (2) disagree (3) neither agree nor disagree (4) agree (5) totally agree. You will need approximately 2 minutes for this test.

We value your privacy. Do not worry, the anonymity of results is guaranteed.

People usually describe me as both charming and careless - to turn on and turn off my charm like a tap is easy for me.
I do what I want and when I want, no matter what others want. This happens unexpectedly when «a flash of lightning» strikes me.
I’m never to blame - even when things are not going the way I want or something turns out badly.
I used to have problems with law or crime (not just for speeding or parking) when I was a teenager.
I am always the best at what I do. No one will ever surpass me.
I always do whatever I want, and I don’t care what others think, even if it’s illegal.
Why pity other people? I do not want to help others. It's a dog eat dog world out there.
Lying to me is not a problem if I need to achieve the goal.
I live the «Seize the moment» slogan. Learning from one’s past is a pointless exercise. The future is in the balance.
No remorse, shame or guilt for what I have said or done, whatever it is.
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