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Sexual Narcissism Test

What is Sexual Narcissism?

Excessive narcissism is a plague of the modern world. Social media addiction, the pursuit of likes, and the culture of selfies are not the last reasons for accelerating the narcissism spreading.

Freud said that narcissism is, to some extent, an inherent feature. In the early years, narcissism is an acceptable and even natural phenomenon, the absence of which makes sexual development impossible. Among adults it is rather a course towards rejection, getting pleasure by projecting sexual desire on oneself.

The Signs of a Sexual Narcissist

Is your husband/wife/partner a sexual narcissist? It is pretty easy to identify it. Their main features are an assurance of their own uniqueness, superiority demonstration, the constant search for admiration, and the complete lack of empathy towards others. These traits are also transferred to the intimate relationship and reveal a sexual narcissist. Having completed the sexual narcissist test, you will find out whether your partner belongs to this type of personality and to what extent.


Note this test is not a diagnostic tool and provided for educational purposes only, and its questions and results can in no way be interpreted as a specialist or doctor’s advice or as recommendations of any other kind.

How often does your partner compliment you?
Does he (she) criticize you after sex?
Does he (she) ask you about previous sexual partners?
If you deny sex, what is their reaction?
What is your partner’s attitude to contraception?
What happens if you complain to your partner that you didn’t have orgasms lately?
The partner persuades you to give them a striptease at home, but you do not want to. HIs (her) reaction:
Can you directly tell your partner about a sexual problem?
Have your partner ever suggest to make your own sex video? What was your reaction?
How do you make it up after an argument?
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