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Schein`s Career Anchors Test

Schein's Career Anchors

The Career Anchors method was developed in the mid-1970s by Edgar Schein - a leading organizational psychologist and specialist in corporate culture. It aims to determine the main professional motives, study a person's system of value orientations, their social attitudes to career and work in general.

According to the author, we approach our work with a specific set of priorities, skills, and values. Schein named them a set of “career orientations”.

Understand yourself better to find your perfect job

They are formed during the process of study and social interactions as a result of the experience gained in the early years of a career. Created career orientations are considerably stable and can remain constant for a long time.

Identifying career anchors allows you to understand your strengths and choose the right career that will provide financial profits and bring inner satisfaction from work.


For each of the next forty items, rate how true that item is for you in general by assigning a number from 1-6. The higher the number, the more that item is true for you. For example, if the item says "I dream of being the MD of a company" you would rate that as follows:

"1" if the statement is never true for you. "2" or "3" if the statement is occasionally true for you. "4" or "5" if the statement is often true for you. "6" if the statement is always true for you.

1. I dream of being so good at what I do that my expert advice will be sought continually.
2. I am most fulfilled in my work when I have been able to integrate and manage the efforts of others.
3. I dream of having a career that will allow me the freedom to do a job my own way and on my own schedule.
4. Security and stability are more important to me than freedom and autonomy.
5. I am always on the lookout for ideas that would permit me to start my own enterprise.
6. I will feel successful in my career only if I have a feeling of having made a real contribution to the welfare of society.
7. I dream of a career in which I can solve problems or win out in situations that are extremely challenging.
8. I would rather leave my organisation than to be put into a job that would compromise my ability to pursue personal and family concerns.
9. I will feel successful in my career only if I can develop my technical or functional skills to a very high level of competence.
10. I dream of being in charge of a complex organisation and making decisions that affect many people.
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