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Spielberger`s Anxiety Test

Anxiety level test

State-Trait Anxiety Inventory was developed by Charles Spielberger and his colleagues in 1983. This psychological scale simultaneously evaluates the current (situational) anxiety level and the general level of anxiety as a stable personality trait.

Spielberger was the first to use a single questionnaire to assess different types of anxiety - all tests used before allowed to identify only the subject's current level of anxiety.

Types of anxiety according to Spielberger

Spielberger brought situational anxiety into a separate scale as a measurement that allows determining whether the test taker is influenced by a stressful situation at the moment and what is the intensity of this impact on them.

The second scale - personal anxiety - is assessed as a character trait associated with constant stress, exigency, anxiety, adamantness, strong reaction to stimuli related to self-esteem and respect. High personal anxiety is directly correlated with emotional and neurotic breakdowns and psychosomatic diseases.

This method is one of the most valid and widely used methods for assessing anxiety, as well as for differentiating anxiety and depression. The higher the result obtained on each scale, the higher your level of anxiety.


You will be asked 40 questions; answer honestly, without thinking of the answer for too long. Note this test is intended solely for informational, educational and entertainment purposes; its results cannot replace the real help of a specialist and should not be used for making any decision.

1. I feel calm
2. I feel secure
3. I am tense
4. I feel strained
5. I feel at ease
6. I feel upset
7. I am presently worrying over possible misfortunes
8. I feel satisfied
9. I feel frightened
10. I feel comfortable
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