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Transgender Test

Transgender Test

Some people feel uncomfortable with their gender assigned at birth and they mentally feel closer to the opposite sex. This «Am I Trans Quiz» will help you determine how likely it is that you are transgender. This test is recommended for people who have reached the age of 18.

What does the term transgender mean?

This term is used to describe people whose inner feeling of their gender does not coincide with the gender they were assigned at birth. Transgender and gay are different concepts; transgender people can have any sexual orientation.

Some transgender people undergo surgery and hormone therapy, some refuse such dramatic changes for various reasons.

Please be skeptical about the test results and in no case take them as medical recommendations or advice of any other kind. This Gender Identity Test is intended for educational purposes only.

I have thoughts about gender reassignment surgery.
My life would be better if I was born a human of the opposite sex.
As a child, I preferred toys and activities typical for children of the opposite sex.
I have dreams in which I appear as a person of the opposite sex.
People of the opposite sex have more social advantages.
It gives me pleasure to look like a person of the opposite sex (wearing makeup, clothes, having a corresponding hairstyle) when no one sees me.
I have appeared in public as a person of the opposite sex.
I have a feeling that I have been assigned the wrong gender at birth.
My sex life would be better if I was born a person of the opposite sex.
I would like to be able to specify a different gender in my personal documents.
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