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True Love Test

True love testing based on the Sternberg's Triangular Theory

A truly deep relationship is impossible without emotional intimacy. The need to be loved and accepted is a natural one for every person. Many believe that the desire to be with someone in a close relationship and to be loved is the basic human need around which the whole life of the person builds. Anyway, we admit that without satisfying the need for love, our happiness will never be complete.

The scientists say that there are three main components necessary to build a truly strong, long-lasting relationship. They are intimacy, passion, and commitment. The proportional harmonious development of each of these factors improves your relationship in general, and the lack of any of them leads to problems and disharmony in the relationship. This test is based on Sternberg's Triangular Theory on three components and seven types of love relationships.

The test will clarify your relationship or simply confirm your guesses and considerations. We hope that the test results will tell you the way for developing further relations with a partner and help to pay attention to crucial aspects of harmonious relations. In any case, your desire to take the test indicates your willingness to work on establishing an even stronger bond and real closeness with a partner.

Test Your Relationships Online

Please note, that the test is designed to provide a general understanding of your relationship development level for your fun, and its results are by no means medical recommendations or recommendations of a certified specialist. If you are experiencing serious problems in a relationship with a partner, we highly recommend contacting a specialist for help.

1. You are emotionally close with your partner like:
2. How does romance show in your relationship?
3. What cannot you forgive your partner?
4. Can you cry in the presence of your partner?
5. Do you tell your partner about your sexual fantasies?
6. What animal would you compare your relationships with?
7. Can you tell your partner openly about what you don’t like about your relationship?
8. Your partner offers you a pose that you do not like. Will you agree to please him/her?
9. Do you see yourself with this partner in the distant future together?
10. Imagine that you as a couple were invited to a talk show, what are the chances that you win in the competitions with other couples?
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