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What Goddess Are You?

What Goddess Are You?

What does a real woman want? You will agree that it is a difficult question. And most likely the most curious thing about this is that even a woman herself sometimes has a hard time understanding her desires and herself.

Various inner voices, ancient and modern, are constantly talking to her, often contradicting each other. A woman, being a subtle nature’s creation, is very emotional, too flexible, and overly receptive, therefore she often suffers from these gifts of nature.

If you want to understand the reasons for your actions and desires, then this test is definitely for you!

Online test to determine the archetype in a woman's life

Goddesses live in every woman, but which one prevails in you? This test will help you understand the predominant archetypes influencing your behavior and worldview, identify the main motivating factors in your relationships, career, and creativity. Do not forget to share the result with your friends!


This test is for women only. The test contains a list of phrases that different women can often say about themselves. Please consider how accurate each statement is for you, ticking the box next to each answer. When taking this test, it is crucial to evaluate yourself the way you are now, not the way you would like to be in the future.


Note this test is provided strictly for informational, educational and entertainment purposes and should not be used for making any decision. It is not intended to be a psychological advice of any kind, and come without any guarantee of accuracy or validity.

1. I feel complete without a man
2. I am a practical and reasonable woman
3. I trust my intuition
4. I feel inferior without a man
5. I have a strong need to take care of others
6. I conform to other people's desires
7. I strive to be sexy and sensual
8. I make logical decisions
9. I tend to withdraw from people and seek peace in silence and solitude
10. I take pleasure in the fact that my life revolves around my man
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