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When Will I Die?

Why do some people live longer than others?

Over the past 70 years, the average life expectancy worldwide has increased by 23 years, and in many developed countries, it has exceeded the figures of 78 years for men and 82 years for women. What influenced this? Many factors influence human life expectancy, such as genetic predisposition to longevity, the presence of chronic diseases and bad habits, and environmental factors.

Many studies show a direct dependence of life expectancy on a person's gender, food quality, physical activity, body mass index (BMI),stress level, education level, and income level. Another important factor is the country of residence - the quality and availability of medicine depend on it. When creating this test, we have considered all the above factors to calculate your approximate life expectancy.

When will I Die Quiz

Man is the only being who understands that their life span is limited. We try not to think about it, but from time to time, we ask ourselves the main question - “How much more time do I have left?”.

It is impossible to get the exact answer to this question, but we have tried to provide a scientifically supported basis to calculate the date of your death. We use average life expectancy data for your country according to the website worldometers.info, then adjust that data for scientifically proven factors that reduce or increase life expectancy based on your answers to the quiz questions.


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Not one online test can give the correct answer to the question: "When am I going to die?". The results of this test are provided for entertainment purposes only, and you should not use it as a guide for any actions or decisions

1. How would you rate your income level?
2. Please indicate your level of education
3. How would you characterize your type of work?
4. How would you rate the level of stress you experience?
5. Choose the most suitable option for your everyday meals
6. How often do you exercise?
7. How often do you smoke?
8. How often do you drink alcohol?
9. Which best describes your day-to-day attitude?
10. How much time do you spend outdoors?
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