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Zuckerman-Kuhlman personality questionnaire

Online shortened version of the Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire

The Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire (ZKPQ) was developed in 1993 by Marvin Zuckerman and colleagues (Kuhlman, Teta, Joireman, & Kraft).

There are many questionnaires and tests to measure the most important personality traits. The Zuckerman-Kuhlman alternative five-factorial model and Personality Questionnaire were developed as an alternative study to the popular Big Five Test.

It is based on the idea that basic personality traits develop in a highly dependent manner on biological-evolutionary factors. That's why the scientists excluded cultural and intellectual markers from the questionnaire, as well as the "openness to experience" marker, which is popular in other studies. Thus, this test is a powerful tool for researching personality traits while minimizing cultural or educational biases.

So the ZKPQ measures the following 5 personality traits:

  • Impulsive Sensation Seeking
  • Neuroticism-Anxiety
  • Aggression-Hostility
  • Activity
  • Sociability

M. Kuhlman, M. Zuckerman et al. A cross-cultures shortened form of the ZKPQ


You are offered a series of statements that people might use to describe themselves. Read each statement and decide whether or not it describes you.


Note this test is provided strictly for informational, educational and entertainment purposes and should not be used for making any decision. It is not intended to be a psychological advice of any kind, and come without any guarantee of accuracy or validity.

1. I do not like to waste time just sitting around and relaxing.
2. When I get mad, I say ugly things.
3. I often do things on impulse.
4. I frequently get emotionally upset.
5. I spend as much time with my friends as I can.
6. I lead a busier life than most people.
7. It's natural for me to curse when I am mad.
8. I would like to take off on a trip with no preplanned or definite routes or timetables.
9. I tend to be oversensitive and easily hurt by thoughtless remarks and actions of others.
10. I do not need a large number of casual friends.
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