sleeping position

Some people sleep on their backs, others, on their stomachs. Yet others, in the fetal position, the starfish position, and so on. It has been discovered recently that your preferred sleeping positions can tell a lot about your emotions: anxiety, anger, or, on the contrary, calmness or joy.

Sleeping positions people assume are interesting material for body language experts. During the day we can control our body language and avoid certain gestures or movements that are indicators of our emotions. But when we sleep at night, it's different - we take this or that position unconsciously. Many believe that their preferred sleeping position is associated with a particular trait of a person's character and can even predict their destiny. However, some other experts think that the sleeping position rather reflects emotions that a person felt when falling asleep and what was on their mind. In other words, at night, our bodies continue the inner dialogue that our minds started having in the evening, before bedtime.

Hopefully, this article can help you reveal what your preferred sleeping position says about your emotions and personality traits. If you want to discover even more of your individual properties, qualities, and inclinations, we recommend you take Rorschach Inkblot Test.

So, what do our sleeping positions want to tell us?

Fetal Position

Fetal Position

This sleeping position gets its name from the shape of a baby in the mother's womb. When in this position, an individual lies on their side with both legs and both arms bent and pulled up to their chest and with their head bowed forward. According to British sleep researcher Chris Idzikowski, most people prefer to sleep in this position. Many experts believe that this position is a signal that we need protection as if we were trying to return to our infant phase.

As for the emotions it reflects, some experts think that the fetal position is the most familiar and comfortable for a human being exactly because it is in this position that we are in our mothers' wombs. There is no need to look for hidden meanings here. This position suggests that a person just wants to calm down and relax. Perhaps something is bothering them or making them feel uncomfortable.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

sleep on back

This sleeping position is not very natural. The individuals' arms are pinned to their sides, and their back is tense and straight as if the person was squeezed into a tight space or sleeping between two people. A person cannot relax completely and get a good sleep in such a position.

According to experts, this position is definitely not the most comfortable; it means that an individual can't let go of their unfinished business, worries, and anxiety. They seem to be ready to jump up and take action at any moment. Perhaps they are worried about important things that await them in the morning. If someone sleeps in this position, it may also mean this person doesn't like a fuss and sets themselves and others high standards.

The Starfish

The Starfish

If you sleep on your back but with relaxed arms, hands, and legs, this position is called starfish. Essentially, it’s when you lie on your back with your arms up near the pillow and your legs outstretched. And we have good news for you - according to sleep researchers, this is a very confident person's position, especially if you're someone who likes to sleep naked. Besides, some sleep experts believe that back sleepers are likely to be open and sensation-seeking. However, starfish sleepers do not like being the center of attention. But they make great friends, are good listeners and are always ready to help when their friends need it. Fun fact: this is also the position pets like sleeping in if they feel comfortable with their owner.

The Log Position

Log Position

The log position is when someone lies on their side with their arms down by their sides. This position is not very common (unless you are a pregnant woman and you have to assume this position for some months). People who prefer this sleeping position are sociable and even-tempered. Their flaw is that they trust people too much. A survey conducted on people who prefer this position has shown that they believe themselves to be healthier than individuals who prefer other positions. Log sleepers are also certain they get just the right amount of sleep, so there may actually be something to the expression “to sleep like a log”.

On Your Stomach

On Stomach

The shoulders are clamped, the spine is tense, the head is turned to the side, breathing is difficult, and blood circulation is poor. Doctors say that sleeping on the stomach is extremely unhealthy. Aesthetic specialists add that such a position leads to premature wrinkles on the face due to contact with the pillow and microcirculation process disruption; besides, dust mites and other microorganisms inhabiting the pillow attack your face skin all night long.

According to sleep experts, this position is an indicator of extreme fatigue. We turn our backs to the outside world, try to fall asleep as soon as possible, and focus on taking some rest. We subconsciously want to protect our sleep from external aggression. Sometimes, however, the reasons why we choose such a position might be different - for example, it can be bright light or some annoying sounds that don’t let us sleep properly.

Also, we often fall asleep face down on a pillow when not at home because we do not feel comfortable enough in a new environment and thus try to ignore it. A person assuming this sleeping position wants to feel covered and protected, like a turtle with its shell. Individuals who prefer to sleep on their stomachs are more inward-looking than outward-projecting. This position is not exactly beneficial for the body, but many people say that this is the only way they can fall asleep faster and more soundly.

Hands Under The Pillow Or On Your Stomach

Hands Under The Pillow

Whether you prefer to sleep on your stomach, on your back, or on your side, try to pay attention to where your hands are. If you hug a pillow or touch your stomach in your sleep, it means your body is sending you an important signal.

According to experts, sometimes touching some objects helps us calm down. Some people play with a pen during a meeting or with car keys when they have to ask something of a stranger. Touching the pillow or stomach is also a kind of "tranquilizer". In addition, this way the body can signal the need for physical contact.