Key Characteristics of the Investigator (Observer)

The observers cannot be defined as over-sociable since they, as a rule, do not actively share their point of view in society, and try to stay away. But in a private conversation, such a person reveals themself notably.

People of the fifth enneagram type are known as the "know-it-all" because an observer is an all-round person, who prefers to accumulate new information from the outside world.

The Observers are constantly collecting knowledge from various sources, and this curiosity often reveals itself from childhood: they prefer intelligent books and encyclopedias to tales. In adulthood, their knowledge is not limited solely by professional activities, they are interested in all life spheres.

Sometimes, due to such erudition, people around feel a little awkward, not knowing even a part of what the observer knows. In such a way, these people demonstrate their strengths, which gives them the confidence they significantly lack in everyday life.


The observers make long-term plans, taking into account all possible obstacles on the way to their achievement. People of the fifth type analyze all the information in detail, carefully thinking over every step and its possible consequences. That is why an observer can be confused by an unplanned course of events, even if it is a positive situation.

In a working environment, the observers prefer to work on projects in a separate personal office by themselves.

Preferences and Fears

People of the fifth type are simple in food and do not depend on fashion clothes. They do not care about the general condition of the apartment they live in and invest money only in the things they consider necessary. As a rule, they are books and Internet resources, which can be used for learning.

People of this type often have the desire to stay in an isolated, secluded place, far from society, and only a person with genuine interest can save the situation. The observers are afraid to be unapprehended or incompetent in any question, therefore they prefer to stay away and not attract anyone’s attention.

The safest option for an observer is a clear and strict adherence to the confirmed plan. These people feel confident and relaxed only when the topics they are competent in are discussed, and when no one impertinently invades their personal space.

The fifth type’s greatest fears are their incompetence and plan of destruction. In this case, an observer can even temporarily become the life of the party, have fun, and laugh like everyone else, but for them, such a condition will be unusual and even uncomfortable, since they will not be able to focus on really important points. Such a situation can lead to internal panic, which easily becomes insomnia.