Key Perfectionists Characteristics

Perfectionists are people who are used to order in all spheres. They have a clear action plan not only in work, but also in words, conduct, and appearance. Such people always think positively with respect to others but also require the same honest attitude to themselves.

Perfectionists look pretty confident and cooly: their back is straight, movements are accurate.

When speaking, perfectionists control every word and try to show less emotion. They usually take responsibility for everything, but in case there are assistants, the last have to show maximum responsibility and honesty.

Perfectionists believe that a truly responsible person should fully comply with this image both internally and externally. Such people strive for learning, obtaining new information, and applying it in practice. Most often, they do not have bad habits and go to the gym to keep fit.


At work, people of this type take the initiative with competent argumentation of their position, do not get involved in conflicts, are attentive to important details, and try to clarify all unintelligible points as much as possible for high-quality work performance.

Perfectionists always carry their work to its finite end in a short time, and, perhaps, even work without a lunch break to finish as soon as possible.

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Personal Life

In their personal life, such people find it essential to have not only similar characters but also habits, because it is important to have a house clean as a new pin, with carefully washed dishes and a properly set table.

However, people of the first type have internal anxiety that the partner cannot be perfect all the time, and at any moment can make a mistake that will ruin the relationship. Because of the fear of being misunderstood and abandoned, the Firsts (people of the first type) often become jealous.

To preserve relationships and avoid possible conflicts, perfectionists often do all the work on their own. They often think that another person cannot perform well, and they have to check everything carefully.

Perfectionists are tactful in their words and actions, they will always think several times before saying, and even more – before blaming others. To reassure the perfectionist, the interlocutor only needs to apologize. This will help them to cool down and switch over quickly.

It is hard for people of this type to accept criticism; they are often afraid to make a mistake in any sphere, whether it is work or personal life.

The perfectionist’s anger can be caused by two reasons:

- Not met expectations;

- People with an incompatible characters around.

The perfectionist’s thinking is based on criticizing. They do not like many things not corresponding to their image, and the more defects such a person finds, the stronger their dissatisfaction is. If this flaw made a very unpleasant impression, then, as a rule, the perfectionist concentrates on it and does not notice any positive aspects.

Perfectionists know how to relax when the work is done. They cut loose to the fullest and indulge themselves in their free time until the time to work comes.

People of the first type are usually cold-blooded and can proceed with routine work for a long time. They can be driven crazy by deadlines when the project is not ready yet.