Key Characteristics of the Romantics

This type is characterized by cold and detached behavior in large companies. One may think that you do not want to communicate, that you are an arrogant and superior person. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite.

Your uniqueness in everything – clothing, behavior, mystery – intrigues and arises curiosity. You are just afraid to be rejected, so do not hurry to make the first step.

Your enneagram type is usually called “the Romantics”, or “the Individualists”. Standing out from the crowd and being different are the most important points of your life.

You have a great style and taste, your clothes help you to express your inner state better.

Perhaps you can be called the most sensitive and sincerest enneagram type. You need to be yourself. You cannot live without emotions. When looking for the meaning of life, you compare yourself with others, and their recipes for a happy life, which turn out not to apply to you. This leads to a constant search for yourself and analysis of your own feelings and experiences.


Often people of the fourth type choose creative professions.

A quiet, peaceful life does not work for you; it can be depressing. You can look for ways to have some action.

You pay attention to work quality and are eager to achieve a decent result, but emotional satisfaction for you is still a priority number one.

Personal Life

The fourths can be ashamed of their feelings. You think that people notice all your flaws and mistakes. You may be hurt by the smallest and most insignificant comment. In such conditions, the mood for sure changes throughout the day.

You often compare yourself to those around you, and if you see that you are winning, your self-esteem is growing, and your mood is improving. And if the comparison is not in your favor, you feel depressed.

You easily determine what you need for happiness, and this can cause some emotional distress. Longing for the unattainable can become a powerful source of passion.

It is unbearable for people of your type to feel rejected by someone significant, and it makes you want to live up to their expectations. You can even dissolve in the others, trying to please them. On a subconscious level, this could lead to resentment and anger because you cannot allow be yourself.

However, if there are no issues with the acceptance, your worries become dull, and you can concentrate on work or family.