Key Characteristics of the Peacekeeper

People of the ninth enneagram type, radiate calm, and friendliness and extinguish any conflict situations. The ninth type of Enneagram is called the Peacemaker, or Mediator.

It is difficult to imagine a more pleasant and friendly speaker; it is always a pleasure to communicate with people of this type; they are predisposed to having a slow, relaxing conversation.

You do not welcome disputes and conflicts, striving to harmonize relations; subtly feel the atmosphere around you.

You unconsciously feel any upcoming conflict, instantly react to this kind of tension, and try to clear the air. You often play the role of a peacemaker between disputing and conflicting parties.

The exceptional ability of people of your type is to understand others, their opinions, feelings, and attitudes to life. Also, you can accept people as they are, without building illusions.


You feel a burst of vital energy and can focus on your desires when being in an atmosphere of comfort and harmony with your loved ones. Next, your productivity is amazing, and your creativity can only be admired.

Any conflict or tension can result in robust stress. Then, you can ironically and even pessimistically estimate the circumstances, but the effectiveness of your work, as well as the enthusiasm in personal relationships, will immediately reduce to zero.


People feel comfortable around you and you are able to make them open up, which is why Type Nine individuals often choose professions such as psychologists or consultants. However, it may be difficult for you to figure out your own desires. It is even easier for you to understand what you do not want. You can hide your desires deep inside, even from yourself, so that they would not harm your relations with loved ones.

You avoid anything negative, as it takes away all the energy and devastates you. Often you do not pay attention to the negative sides of your partner, noticing only the positive.

The flip side of the coin is the accumulation of negativity, ignoring which now requires more effort. This can lead to a state of chronic tiredness and a need for rest. One day, that accumulated anger will have to break out and discharge emotional tension. To restore inner and outer harmony, you often resort to nature.