SECOND ENNEAGRAM TYPE – Helper or Caretaker

Key Characteristics of the Helpers

Your family and friends are very lucky because next to you, they feel as in the center of the universe. The main life mission for people of the second type is the care of important people.

One of your main qualities is the ability to surround your family and friends with care. You have an absolutely magical ability to understand what other people need. A feeling of comfort and convenience for loved ones is the primary intent of your behavior. Most people dream about a friend like you: attentive and caring.


In business, your customers can expect warm relations, and your colleagues know that they can rely on you. You are also interested in a friendly team, and you put a lot of effort into this. But beware, sometimes employees can take advantage of such diligence and patience; it can lead to excessive workload and working your fingers to the bone. Many representatives of your type need much time to learn how to say “no”.

Another feature of your nature is making new acquaintances easily, as well as giving a good impression.

Personal Life

Love and acceptance are the basics needs for the second type’s representative. It is rooted somewhere in the subconscious that you have to earn love, that it is possible to love someone only for their achievements, and the mere fact of human existence does not imply love. Therefore, concern about your loved ones serves as a ground for gratitude.

It is common for people of your type to think that taking care of yourself is selfish, and nobody likes egoists. This was an incitement to you to pay more attention to the needs of others while ignoring your own. And some of the Seconds sincerely believe that they will lose the love of their beloved ones if they stop doing so much for them.

In our world, not everyone can appreciate the care of the Seconds. If your help is rejected or not properly evaluated, it can stress you out. A feeling of ingratitude may appear, and then you can become quite aggressive. You become more conscious of your own needs, and you need to meet them. This does not happen often, and only close people witness this.

Your dreams are full of those times when all those in need have received your help, and you finally will be able to devote some time to yourself. Freedom is your aspiration on a subconscious level. However, such a state is possible only when you feel accepted and loved by the closest people, relatives, and colleagues

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