Key Characteristics of the Enthusiast

You are full of new ideas, burning with enthusiasm, and can inspire others. You always know how to have fun.

People of your type are surprise- and adventure-lovers, and have a huge quantity of friends and acquaintances of different levels.

This type owes its gift to enjoy life to the name Enthusiast.

People of this enneagram type speak fast and actively, and their body language is vigorous and vivid. You entertain others with an interesting conversation.

You are interested in everything new and unusual. People of this type are sincere optimists, who love life, and creativity.


They make decisions to do business only if it seems interesting. You can easily be fascinated by new acquaintances and ideas. You undoubtedly start a new project, but you may lack the patience to finish it just because you may already be carried away by another, more exciting goal.

One of your strengths is the ability to easily come up with fresh ideas and new projects. People of this type quickly learn anything new. They travel and explore the world with pleasure. Many Enthusiasts can see potential in common things.

You are afraid of everything connected with serious obligations and boundaries, routine and conservatism, monotony and system. However, you are a pro at making plans, especially – alternative ones. Due to the enormous amount of these plans, it is simply impossible to realize all of them.


Pleasure is your driving force and value. You are attracted by vivid feelings and companies, outdoor activities, sports, and social events. It seems that people of this type are the happiest and most cheerful.

The Sevenths do not experience any discomfort if they need to ask others for something. Also, they are very generous, and they for sure will acknowledge you for your kindness. Interestingly, they rarely show negative emotions, but mostly smile, and have happy faces.

People of your type often completely ignore negative things, trying to overlook them, and quite the contrary, try to see something nice or useful in every situation.

Your biggest fears are loneliness, boredom, and suffering. Therefore, you strive to fill yourself with impressions and affairs, as if to satisfy emotional hunger.

When achieving goals, your type feels that life is full of joy, and there comes a state of temporary satisfaction. Suddenly, you are not afraid of boredom, you can stay at home alone or study some subjects more deeply.

There is no need to entertain yourself and others. The desire to have a large number of options fades away, and you can finally enjoy your current feelings.