Belonging to the group according to the team role theory: Water group

Representatives of water types are very flexible, able to find a common language both with colleagues and management. At the same time, they, as a rule, are average workers - it's much more comfortable for them to "go with the flow» adjusting to the general rhythm of work than to fight for better results.

Such people rarely become "employees of the month", but at the same time, they're not among the laggards. At the same time, the main role in creating an overall positive team atmosphere is played precisely by representatives of the water group, so do not underestimate their influence on the overall mood and results of the team.

General characteristics

Hermes is the god of trade and eloquence. That's exactly the name we decided to use for this type of personality because its representatives simply have no equal in establishing contacts, attracting investments, or conducting negotiations.

These people are distinguished by psychological flexibility, they know how to smooth things over and find a compromise in seemingly dead-end situations. At the same time, they have charisma and charm, they know how to win the interlocutor's favor and stand on their own.

For Hermes, confidence in the product and the company is a must; then they will become a sincere fan of it and will work with renewed determination. That's why they put great effort into a thorough understanding of the work of the entire enterprise, the goods or services it offers.

Financial motivation and career advancement are very important for this personality type. Hermes is easily inspired by new ideas, but they also lose interest in them quickly if they don't see commercial success in the near future.

Hermes does not like monotonous routine work, they need live communication and freedom of action.


  • Sociability - Hermes has a lot of useful business contacts.
  • Persistence, ability to work with objections.
  • They can create a good reputation for a team or an enterprise.
  • Charisma, good and competent speech.
  • Good intuition - Hermes goes with gut feeling when it comes to finding clients or resources, knowing what product will be most demanded.
  • Fast learner.


  • Having reached a certain level of success, they may lose motivation and slow down.
  • They avoid routine work in every possible way.
  • They take criticism to heart.
  • Poor time management - Hermes can rush from one task or deal to another, without completing any of them.

Interaction with other types

Hermes may often conflict with the top management group - Director, Analyst, Warrior if they want to see them only as an obedient executor of assigned tasks. This concept of work is far from comfortable for Hermes and, most likely, it will force them to leave the team.

Hermes respects competition and, as a rule, having several Hermes in a team only has a positive effect on its results.

Functions within the team

Hermes is a natural-born salesperson or purchasing manager, negotiator, head of sales, commercial or development director. Thanks to their extensive contacts, they can provide the team with the necessary resources, negotiate good terms with suppliers, find new customers or investments.

Hermes is easy-going - they're not scared of business trips to other cities and countries, they're happy to explore new markets and meet new people.

It is these people who need to be trusted to present a company or product at various conferences and negotiations.

Recommendations for professional development

First of all, Hermes needs to find a company that is spiritually close to them, where people are ready to create special conditions for their work, not to demand from them to deal with monotonous tasks and to be constantly present at work.

Hermes needs to learn to calmly accept criticism and draw the necessary conclusions from it. By developing time management, Hermes will be able to achieve even better results at work, which will open up new opportunities for their career growth.