Key Characteristics of the Achievers

Curiously, people of the third enneagram type are usually very active. It often seems that you are constantly in a hurry and do not have enough time. Wasting time is the worst thing for you.

Productivity and efficiency are the main tasks of your life, and success is the most important reward. You believe that nothing is impossible, and that work is the main way to achieve the goals you keep setting for yourself.

All your thoughts are focused on upcoming achievements and success. You are ready to work 24/7 until you achieve the desired result. Idleness is something you cannot imagine, and rest is not just lazy napping, but constant activity.


You do not like to waste time in vain so much that you are ready to do multiple things at once. You have a flexible character, so you will find many ways to overcome any obstacle on your way to the goal. The flexibility of the Thirds is also manifested in communication with people. Your behavior changes depending on who is in front of you.

You strive to be the best in all meters at once: be the most intelligent, the most beautiful, and the most successful. You are always ready to learn something new if it helps you in achieving your goals.

Due to the restless desire for recognition and triumph, you can put on a huge amount of work, impossible to deal with. Also, society may not be interested in your success. The Thirds feel stressed in case of such failures and non-recognition of their achievements. Your emotions, which you have turned off for so long, start to break out. Then, the Thirds feel a “psychological numbness,” which may result in a loss of faith in their abilities.

Your type feels comfortable when the work goes well, you easily reach the goals, and, of course, when there is sincere admiration from others. In this situation, you can relax, give up disguise for a while, skeptically evaluate your goals, and even treat your achievements with irony.

Personal Life

Emotions are your serious stumbling block, their presence reduces your productivity to zero. For this reason, loved ones often lack your warmth and sincerity.

The Thirds may be subject to vanity, unable to resist the desire to arouse the admiration of others. The Thirds need love and acceptance of society. For them, love and admiration are closely related: if they admire you, they love you. To get that admiration, you have to succeed in something.

The reverse side of the pursuit of success may be a deep feeling of loneliness since in this case, you can lose yourself. There are also may be problems from childhood if parents have laid the obligation to live up to someone’s expectations. As a result, the Thirds formed a subconscious belief: “I am loved for my success. To be loved, I must succeed in this life."