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Schizoid personality disorder test

Could I have a schizoid personality disorder?

According to statistics, schizoid personality disorder affects 3 to 5 percent of the US population. People with this disorder may be very reserved in expressing their emotions, have little interest in social activity, and show a lack of empathy toward others.

If you feel detached from the whole world, have difficulty building relationships with others, and enjoy loneliness and intellectual tasks, you may have a schizoid personality disorder.

There are no proven triggers for this disorder. Most often, its symptoms begin to appear in early childhood. People assigned male at birth are slightly more prone to it than people assigned female at birth. Heredity also plays an important role - the likelihood of schizoid disorder is higher in people whose families have already been diagnosed with such cases.

Schizoid personality test

The test is based on the most common symptoms of schizoid personality disorder and will assess your level of susceptibility to this disorder.
You can go through it both for yourself and a loved one whom you know well and are sure you can accurately answer the questions for them.


This test, just like any other online test, is not diagnostic, and we do not guarantee that it will allow you to diagnose schizoid personality disorder. You should use its results for educational and entertainment purposes only.

1. I am alone most of the time and it isn't a problem for me.
2. Criticism from others doesn't affect me much.
3. I have little or no interest in sexual experiences.
4. I always choose individual activities over group activities.
5. I love mechanical or intellectual tasks.
6. I find it hard to empathize with people around me.
7. I don't really need close relationships.
8. I think interactions with other people are just more trouble than they're worth.
9. People think of me as emotionally cold, humorless, or withdrawn.
10. The things people commonly do for fun don't seem all that enjoyable to me.
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