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Wednesday Addams Mental Disorder Test

Why is Wednesday Addams so close to each of us?

Netflix's and director Tim Burton's reinterpretation of the Addams family story has become a cultural phenomenon, surpassing a billion hours watched in its first 19 days of release.

So why did the story about a weird teen girl become so popular and generate a huge wave of social reactions on Instagram and TikTok? According to professional psychologists, the overwhelming success is actually linked with the main character's psychotype. The fact is that Wednesday's character is endowed with symptoms of many psychological disorders, to one degree or another inherent in most people in developed countries. For example, autism spectrum disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Consciously or unconsciously, looking at Wednesday, we turn to our own experiences, often those we had in adolescence. Amidst the rapid growth of diagnosed psychological disorders, especially among women (see more in NHS statistics) it is not surprising that viewers easily find similarities between the experiences of the character and their own. In addition, she dares to say phrases that we also really would like to say out loud, but kept silent instead, didn’t we?

How similar are you to Wednesday Addams?

To create this test, we developed a psychological profile of Wednesday Addams and, after conducting a behavioral analysis, identified the most likely psychological disorders. This test will allow you to find out which of the Wednesday disorders you are prone to. When taking the test, you will need to answer questions about the symptoms you experience, as well as indicate how much you agree with some of Wednesday's quotes.


This test was created in collaboration with a professional psychologist, but in no way is it a tool for diagnosing. Its results are to be interpreted for educational and entertainment purposes only. That said, we hope that the test results will encourage many of you to continue exploring your personality.

How much do you agree with Wednesday's quotes - could you say or think the same?
1. “I like being an island, a well-fortified one surrounded by sharks.”
2. “Friends are a liability and can be exploited; that makes them weaknesses.”
3. “I act as if I don't care if people dislike me, but deep down, I secretly enjoy it.”
4. “Emotions are a gateway trait; they lead to feelings, which trigger tears, but I don't do tears.”
5. “I will ignore you, stomp on your heart, and always put my needs and interests first.”
6. “For the record, I don't believe I am better than everyone else, just better than you.”
7. “When I look at you the following emojis come to mind: rope, shovel, hole.”
8. “I don't bury hatchets. I sharpen them.”
9. “Sartre said hell is other people; he was my first crush.”
10. “I see the world as a place that has to be endured, and my personal philosophy is kill or be killed.”
11. He lost a testicle. I did the world a favor - people like Dalton should not be allowed to procreate.”
12. “I know I'm stubborn, single-minded, and obsessive.”
13. “I don't believe in heaven or hell. But I do believe in revenge.”
14. “It’s not my fault I can’t interpret your emotional Morse code.”
15. “I haven't always been against birthdays. Each one reminds me I'm a year closer to death's cold embrace.”
16. “Anytime I grow nauseous at the sight of a rainbow or hear a pop song that makes my ears bleed, I’ll think of you.”
17. “Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see.”
18. “There's nothing quite like the feeling of being proven right.”
19. “I have great admiration for well-executed revenge plots.”
20. “I find social media to be a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation.”
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