Type D - Dominance: direct, strong-willed, and forceful (fast-paced and skeptical)

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Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.
— Vince Lombardi

What is a D type in DISC model?

People with personality type D, as a rule, know what they want to get in this life. They are ambitious and decisive, ready to achieve their goals. Often objective and have some analytical skills. People of this type are rather pragmatic, they can neglect their emotions and sympathy in favor of concrete tangible benefits. They are accustomed to taking responsibility, to react quickly to changing circumstances and to have control over the situation.

D type's personal traits

People of type D, first of all, are individualists. They just need to have the last word in the decision. This character trait determines the desire for a managerial type of position, entrepreneurial activity or another form of expression of personal abilities. In some cases, this can lead to excessive pressure on others, imposing one’s own opinion and ignoring the needs of others.

People of type D are persistent and hardworking, it is about such people - "they never give up."

However, their ambitions and intransigence often lead to numerous conflict situations in both personal and professional relationships.

Key characteristics of personality type D:

  • Self-confidence
  • Resourcefulness
  • Ability to be a leader
  • Hardness
  • Activity
  • Independence

D Type's Strengths

  • Aims for achievable results
  • Quickly makes the necessary decisions
  • Clearly plans work phases
  • Strive for leadership
  • Motivates others with his own work
  • Not afraid to take responsibility
  • Able to manage other people

D Type's Weaknesses

  • Often considers his opinion the only correct
  • Does not pay much attention to the details, preferring to see the big picture
  • Criticizes others without thinking about the emotions of these people.
  • Overly controls others
  • Not very keen to appease conflicts
  • Aggressively responds to the restriction of power or independence
  • Can work for a long time without rest, which leads to health problems
  • Rarely inclined to sympathy and compassion

Communication with type D

The conversation should be direct and simple, without unnecessary details. Maximum arguments, focus on the main steps to achieve the goal. The representative of type D is always in a hurry, so you must convey your idea confidently and quickly. Be ready to repel pressure from his side with your confidence.

Speak confidently, do not abuse his time to talk on topics not related to the business.

Professional Relationships

Type D is an effective manager, especially clearly showing his abilities in times of crisis, in periods of new challenges. They ensure work will be done clearly in time, focus the team on the result. Because of their directness and ambition, they are often negatively perceived by others, especially by colleagues.

People of type D do not consider themselves obliged to reckon with the feelings of their colleagues; achievement of a goal is much more important for them than a friendly atmosphere in a team. They work hard and do an excellent job if they see the result of that work.

They like working with people who can take responsibility and achieve results.

Type D works well when:

  • Can make important decisions
  • Takes responsibility
  • Colleagues are motivated and compete with each other

Best Jobs for DISC D Type

People of type D, as a rule, tend to top management positions. Often, their aggressive pace of work does bring the achievement of results and is encouraged by their superiors.

To increase efficiency, type D should avoid or delegate monotonous routine work.

People with personality type D will work comfortably as:

  • Politician
  • Fonder
  • Head of a department
  • Entrepreneur
  • Lawyer
  • Sports coach
  • Military or police officer
  • Chief executive officer
  • Construction manager

Romantic Relationships

Of course, the desire to dominate is also reflected in a romantic relationship. Often, type D wants to maintain its independence, while demanding the opposite from the partner. For representatives of type D in a relationship, the main thing is honesty, openness, complete trust. Because of this, vulnerability and the probability of frustration increase.

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